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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Screenshots [2]


  1. All are so gorgeous! I love all these shots :S Especially that pug hehe

  2. Уиии, котики, енотики, детки :З
    Очень нравится в какой-то степени нежная атмосфера. Декорации напоминают охотничий домик)
    Ракурсы и обработка радуют :З

  3. Pretty Sims! I love your website. Where did you download the bow in picture 7?

  4. Can you tell me from where did you download the clothes for female please??

  5. Wow!! Awesome!! What skin do you use for male sim?? It's amazing!!!

  6. Hi, i'm sorry to bothering you with it, but please, the male sim in the second picture is wearing a shirt from sims store? Or from another site? can you tell me where it's from?
    I know, this is very annoying, i'm sorry again. By the way, lovely site! Is my first time here, and i really enjoyed your creations :) Thnk you in advance!


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