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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Slippers "Dogs" for toddlers

Thank you all for your downloads, views, comments <3 I love you all and hope that you really like my creations. I will try to continue to entertain you with my creations. Subscribe, leave comments and add me in facebook ^ ^


  1. I love your toddler shoes ! These are so adorabley cute ! (:

  2. хахахаха ну даёшь :D
    Поздравляю :*

  3. It’s that you in the pic? You’re super pretty! :) and thanks for sharing these cute shoes! There’s never enough clothes for toddlers!

  4. I love so very much your creations

  5. Thank you so much Dasha! I was looking for that! Very cute!!

  6. Thank you for all your work! You are very creative and you should be proud of your work so far!


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